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How it works

Here, at Physiotherapy on the Move, we do not need a referral from your GP or consultant, you can actually refer yourself to us!

If you however would like to claim the treatment from your medical insurance company, you may be required to obtain a GP referral in order for them to authorise your treatment. We can then invoice them directly so you don't have to do anything!

Your initial consultation at Physiotherapy on the Move will involve a detailed history of your problem and a full physical assessment of the area in question. Depending on time, some manual treatment will be provided, and a diagnosis, advice and appropriate exercises will always be given.

We will then discuss your treatment plan, such as, the frequency of your visits, estimated number of treatments required, and what type of treatment you will be receiving. You will of course have every opportunity to ask any questions you may have regarding your diagnosis and treatment. Depending on your diagnosis and cause of pain, you may be an appropriate candidate for STUDIO PILATES rehabilitation. This form of treatment involves performing certain exercises, tailored just for your needs, on a clinical Pilates Reformer, a machine which Physiotherapy on the Move is fully trained in the use of.

This is an example (but not an exhaustive) list of the conditions we treat

• Work-related pain (neck, upper back, lower back, repetitive sprain injuries, shoulder impingement)

Sport injuries (back pain, tennis elbow, knee strains, ankle sprains)

• Post-op rehabilitation (rotator cuff repairs, knee and hip arthroscopies/replacements)

• The childbearing years (symphysis pubis dysfunction, back pain, weak pelvic floor)